Flexible Work-Life Grants

The opportunity for business to work smarter not harder is here.
As business owners we want our employees to work smarter all the time, we monitor their performance and endeavour to maximise employee output, traditionally monitored by KPI’s and sales targets.
What if there was a way to lessen the stress on one of your biggest costs. Employee wages, including yours.

There is a way….

The Singapore Government has a workplace flexible grant.

Google and the like have been rewarding employees with great workplaces and flexible work arrangements. You too now can have this opportunity.

Simply provide a minimum of 5 employees** workplace flexible arrangements:

  1. Flexi-time – Employees can start late and end their shift late, providing flexible start and finish times.
  2. Flexi-place – Employees can work from home, providing a flexible workplace. Great if you have sales staff who are out on the road. ##


With such funding, this can equate to 80% of your employee wages being covered on top of a $20,000 cash grant and a $10,000 per year for the 3-year grant. If you choose to have 5-25 employees on flexible workplace conditions you can also receive another $1,500 per year per employee.

You have to be quick….

The grant will expire in March 2018.

Remember grants of this nature are to stimulate the national employment of Singapore in key industries and thus are ever evolving.

Looking to manage your business better with such a grant.
Let Cartise Consulting review your business, where we can optimise your processes and help you align your business with a profitable success.

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** (By end of implementation 5 employees must be Singaporean)

## worried about truant employees, Cartise consulting can provide employee tracking solutions