Transactional vs Relational

In today’s society have we become so consumed by the transaction, whether it be a sale, a product, a negotiation or an office meeting.
Have we lost our human touch!

With many of us surrounded by an abundance of human beings and equally engulfed in digital technology. We have forgotten about the relations we build, culture and project to those look at us.


We all have a personal brand be it physical imagery or a digital footprint, out “iBrand”

Talk with seasoned professionals about sales tunnels and quantity of quality sales. they will generally converse on that you will have a greater success rate if and when you build a personal relationship with the customer.

We all live in a consumer based world, where we all want the best of the best.

Who would you buy from the hard cold salesman knocking at your door at 6pm when you are having dinner. Or a friend who you trust and respect that impromptu visits at 6pm with dinner in his/her hand.

Think you can see the obvious is we will consume and believe in those we trust.

At Cartise Consulting we ask our clients….

What is your intention when you see your customer?

Is it to make a sale or is it to help solve their problem?

If you can identify their need or problem you can easily solve it by providing your solution.
They may not always tell you what the problem is. This is where good customer service, client communications and engagement will open up the opportunities and similarly enable you to create and stimulate the thought they have a bigger problem. This can equate to a bigger sale.

Remember, what is their problem and what is your intention to solve their problem.

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