The Real Reason

The real reason for what is happening to your business.

Ever been in a situation where you have an innovative idea and step forth to launch the idea into a profitable business. Only to find that at the end of a sales cycle your profit is zero.

This is not uncommon with MSME’s of today, who do not have the resources and funds to spend on detailed data analysis to find and identify their customers. With a feel and seek approach, a bit like buying a lottery ticket you can strike it lucky.

We have all bought a lottery ticket and forked out $20 and with excitement toast to the weekend results when four of our numbers come up. We pounce to the handphone or local kiosk and check the winnings, to be dispositioned with a $22 windfall. Hmmmm my profit only $2!!

Just like in business, great to be winning customers and generating sales. But what is it costing you? What is your ROI?

This is where Cartise Consulting www.cartiseconsulting/services can help you. We look at not only where your income is coming from but where you bleeding and spending your expenditure to generate the ROI. As they say, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Engage an industry professional and set your business up in the right direction.

Author: Colin Carter

Cartise Consulting 2017