Colin Carter


Certified consultant with an abundance of hands-on experience, embracing intuitive and pragmatic leadership styles. Known as an executioner of getting the job done! I embrace a goal orientated, ambitious, financial savvy, economically astute approach an array of business models.

With testimonial affirmation in achieving results and profitability has enabled me to establish a successful consulting company in “Cartise Consulting” ( specialising in EBOC – Entreprenuiral Business Optimisation Consulting manor.

Synergized with a history of Customer Service excellence and delivery in trending areas such as Airlines, Facility Management and F&B establishments.
With a repertoire of business, entrepreneurial skills enable me to position myself with the qualified skill set to manage, improve and trail blaze a Business to success, throughout mentoring employees, to constructively critiquing the skeletal core of a business and achieving profitable returns.

My grandfather once said, ” Knowledge is no weight to carry”. Armed with this espouse. I continue to develop skills in the following areas;
– Life Coaching
– Business Forensics
– Operational Linguistics
– Mentoring
– Microsoft – EXCEL programming
– Microsoft – PowerPoint programming
– Motivational Training/Presentations.
– Photography
– Spirituality
– Time in motion studies
– zzz’s (Art of quality sleep).