Branding Specialist

With a specialised branding team we can bring you a concise long-term visionary brand that customers will subconciously remember.
Our proprietary methodological process involves 6 stages where different diagnostic tools are adopted for auditing and deriving at the brand owner(s)’ s desired brand direction:
Stage 1. Brand Audit
Stage 2-3. Brand Visioning and Definition
Stage 4. Brand Validation
Stage 5. Brand Expression
Stage 6. Brand Management
It is recommended that Client should consider a full branding exercise in order to create a wholesome and healthy brand DNA with a clearly constructed brand anatomy.
The Consultant will make a presentation on “Brand VS Branding” to educate the Client about branding, and how an effective branding will fuel business growth. The Client will also be enlightened on the various branding architecture which a business can develop.
Brand Audit: 
Prior to Brand Audit exercise, the Client will be provided with a set of questionnaire(s) and self-evaluation worksheet(s) to help them analyse their current brand anatomy. Apart from auditing the current brand environment, the Consultant will evaluate and present preliminary market research and competitors’ landscapes. All results will then be consolidated to provide the impetus for Brand Visioning. With such, the Client will also gain a better understanding how their brand is performing in the current environment.
Brand Visioning: 
Brand owner(s) or stake-holder(s) will be guided through a visioning and mind-mapping exercise to identify their true inspirations and aspirations for the brand. The Consultant may apply proprietary diagnostics tools, i.e. scorecard system(s), at this stage or the following stage, to help client to evaluate their brand fabric and performance. The results from the scorecard(s) set(s) the ground for re-visioning of the brand, if necessary.
Brand Definition: 
The unprocessed result from the Brand Visioning exercise will require in-depth application(s) of proprietary analytic tool(s) to arrive at a desirable definition of the brand metrics at this stage.
Brand Validation: 
Through a Brand Validation process, the Client is challenged to validate the brand direction with a firm resolution. Any gaps in the brand metrics can be addressed, and fine-tune for optimal performance. 
Brand Management:
A Brand Management provides executive oversight and long-term strategic guidance of the brand portfolio, governs the brand principles, manages the strategic and tactical aspects of the brand effectively and maintains its standards with integrity by ensuring brand compliance across all touch-points.
Brand Naming Convention*: 
This is applicable when the client wants to create or change to a new name for the company or brand for a product. Kre8sence has a proprietary tool designed for the naming convention. It helps to dissect the different aspects to a name or brand and arrive at an aptly defined name.