Integral Network or Network of Integrity

Being honest and having strong moral principles, is the defining principle of integrity within oneself and within the realms of business.

Is integrity a key attribute to success within a business or progress on your career. We all say yes!

Does it really exist in the the the business world? Is it’s ethical placement in our decision-making process bilingual with ethical actions of our social and professional networking?


Ask an employee to define integrity…

They will usually advocate, honesty, truth-fullness, morality, righteousness, doing the right thing. We all agree as if we are sitting in a lecture or regurgitating the correct answers for a test sheet.

The reality is, after attending a number of meetings and being part of the key decision-making processes within MNC companies has alerted me to this issue and the desire to share and write this article.

A large company had (was big and is loosing market share faster than an imploding vortex) a global presence and continues to struggle in holding market share. In an employer world, they are surviving as it is easy to just replace a manager or underhandedly groom an employee that does what a General or Area manager says to do, whether it is right or wrong. This inherent nemesis mentoring is leading to major loss of accounts over the priority for upper management to create a selfish impotent force field of survival by way of expendable, blameable managers. With those who are not willing to act dishonestly as instructed under duress in return for protecting their Area or General manager. The paradox is the groomed managers are nieve to the contaminated mentoring until one’s ethical network begins to questions their actions. By this time it is way too late for many and they are in so deep, they either conform to the impious of business ethics at risk of being terminated or join the dead end one-way path of supporting the potential scandalous nemesis-tic actions of their mentor.

The moment of choice…..

  1. Join forces with your mentor and support his/her unethical ways in a hope that he/she protects you. This is commonly referred to having a “Cosa Nostra” within an MNC. The risk there lays the day the mentor decides to throw you under the bus. You sure die.
  2. Document every action, comment, email your tainted mentor instructs you to do, as an insurance of yourself. This in itself is fraught with danger. How far up the line is the Nemsistic corruption and if you do find a window of integrity. Those around you will be cautious as we all have been or seen this situation and cautious of the perilous association of the infected or potentially contaminated.
  3. Approach HR and illustrate the toxic contagious problem. (Note for HR manager’s – If an employee comes to you with such a question. You have a serious problem) Await for HR to respond and this will define your future as HR have the ability to cytotoxic the cancerous actions of the unethical.
  4. We recognise it is actually extremely difficult to think and act with integrity 100% of the time. We aspire to be in integrity with what we believe, with “Glocal” (global influences on our local environment)** we sometimes screw things up. More often than not, our emotions imbalance our head and heart decisions and we are unable to intentionally manage our behaviour and actions. We reservedly give ourselves permission to be our true selves out of fear of what others may think or due to an inability to truly ‘integrate’ the various parts of ourselves into ONE, complete WHOLE person. The choice here is to ask yourself are you being integral to yourself or your network? Is your integrity marker in check. If yes you are in the right place. If not change the situation, resign if you need. You “ibranding” (Internet image) will be better off long term.

Listening to the news we have corrupt prime ministers, impeached leaders, inside trading, global “Trumpism” (Bullish, Do as I say or I will squeeze and crush you.) Yes, this is part of our everyday life in 2017, yet will continue to advocate and banter the ethical standards and procedures, of our community, employment, country, family and or religion. It is only when your actions have no personal gain and are demonstrating actions that are aligned with your self-branding that you are then acting in an ethical manor to the imposing situation that is in front of you.

When I look at the definition of integrity, it’s defined as a “concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In an ethical manner than is encapsulated with integrity with the highest regards to honesty and truthfulness and accuracy of one’s actions.”

If you are an ethical manager, remember to mentor to the benefit of the employee. If you’re an aspiring career, income dependent manager, set your ethical standards from day one. If you are an employee looking to make quick gains, please do not prostitute yourself to gullible managers who will eventually fall from grace and bring you down with them.

As a takeaway – Remember to be yourself, display integral integrity within yourself to create integrity within your network.



Author: Colin Carter




** Term used by Colin Carter in a 1998 presentation of International Service Standards. ©