Flexi-work Scheme for firms extended and enhanced

Employers will find it easier to qualify for the grant. Instead of requiring at least 20 per cent of all employees to be on flexible work arrangements, the enhanced scheme requires each company to have just one employee working on such an arrangement.

Second, the quantum of the Work-Life Grant will be increased per employee, said Mrs Teo. Currently, employers are funded to the tune of $2,000 per employee over a year for the first five employees, and $1,500 for the subsequent 20. But the enhanced grant will fund employers $2,000 per employee over two years, up to 35 employees.

Finally, one form of a flexible work arrangement is job sharing, which entails the handover of work from one employee to another. The Government recognises that it is harder for employers to make such arrangements for professional, managerial, executive and technician jobs, said Mrs Teo.

To make this a more attractive option, the enhanced Work-Life Grant will provide a higher incentive of $3,500 per employee, instead of the current $2,000, she said.


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