CORPASS for Grants

From 1 Sep 2018, corporate entities will no longer be able to use SingPass and EASY for transactions with the government (i.e. grant submissions, making CPF submissions, filing IRAS taxes, applying for Work Permits etc.). CorpPass will officially replace SingPass and EASY as the ONLY login mechanism for business transactions with government digital services.

To avoid disruption to your transactions with the government, do the following BEFORE 31 Aug 2018:
Create user accounts for all users who would need to transact with government digital services on behalf of your entity.
Assign access to required digital services to these users to conduct transactions. More information on digital service assignment can be found on CorpPass website > Help > User Guides > Set Up and Assign Digital Service Access.

We would also like to share two other updates below.
From mid Aug 2018, CorpPass will be made available to foreign users without SingPass. These users need to set up CorpPass 2FA – a mobile application for non-SingPass holders. Find out more on CorpPass website > Help > User Guides > Activate Your CorpPass Account – for non-SingPass Holders.
You can now assign digital services to users right after you create their accounts, even before user activation.

For enquiries, please email or call 6643 0577.