Changes on CDG Development Areas

Based on SPRING website which was last updated on 30 May 2017, there is a change in the development areas for the Capability Development Grant (CDG).
The new development area is as per figure below.

The following development areas from the previous CDG chart were taken out. Some of the areas might be placed in different areas above.

  1. Branding & Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Business Strategy Innovation
  3. Enhancing Quality and Standards
  4. Intellectual Property & Franchising
  5. Productivity Improvement
  6. Technology Innovation

Following are the new additions of the CDG Development Areas:

  1. Branding & Marketing
  2. Business Model Transformation
  3. Standards Adoption
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Enhancing Business Processes for Productivity
  6. Product Development

About CDG Grant

The CDG grant aims to support SME to improve on business capabilities and ensure business sustainability. SMEs can apply for grant support of up to 70% of qualifying project costs such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs.

With effect from 1 Jan 2017, SMEs applying for CDG will have to engage management consultants who possess SPRING-recognised certification. PMC and SPMC certification is a SPRING-recognised certification.


  • Registered companies and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • Group annual sales turnover ≤ S$100m or group employment of ≤200 employees

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