CORPASS for Grants

From 1 Sep 2018, corporate entities will no longer be able to use SingPass and EASY for transactions with the government (i.e. grant submissions, making CPF submissions, filing IRAS taxes, applying for Work Permits etc.). CorpPass will officially replace SingPass and EASY as the ONLY login mechanism for business transactions with government digital services. To…

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Five important Tips for Entrepreneurs from Jack Ma

Simple yet important tips for the modern business entrepreneur. Know how to identify the current state of affairs and position yourself and your business aligned with the opportunity is the art of being an entrepreneur. Pay forward, listen, learn and observe the situation. As they say, step back and “See the forest, from the trees”….

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7 Customer Retention Tactics to Get Current Ecommerce Customers to Purchase More

You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s cheaper to get past customers to purchase again than it is to find new customers. This is true for most businesses, especially in the crowded online e-commerce arena where ad impressions, clicks and conversions always seem to be increasing in cost, making new customers more and more…

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